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Multisystem | District Wide | Centralized Calendar | CH2000IP and CH1000 Platforms

Spotlight Multisystem District Wide

Centralized Calendar

Spotlight District Wide Multisystem

Spotlight: Multisystem | District Wide | Centralized Calendar

Multisystem | District Wide | Centralized Calendar A groundbreaking technological leap in connectivity and communication for the CH2000IP and CH1000 platforms. Multisystem Connectivity Spotlight seamlessly integrates multisystem connectivity between the CH2000IP and CH1000 platforms enabling unparalleled collaboration across systems. Empower teachers…

Spotlight Standalone for CH2000 and CH1000

Spotlight: Standalone

For CH2000IP and CH1000 Platforms SpotlightTM converts your facility blueprint into an interactive communication dashboard for everyday and emergency communications. Receive visual feedback of your communications right on the map of your facility, in real-time. Key Functionality It has never been…

School Lockdown Solution with intercom and paging

CH2000IP IP Life Safety Communication Platform

CH2000IP Life Safety Communication Platform IP-Based Technology Serving Safer Schools Now and Into the Future Unprecedented Performance CareHawk® IP technology opens up incredible possibilities to handle the most demanding requirements. Here are some highlights: 99 Simultaneous Tasks – Intercoms, tone playback,…

Admin PHONE CH2000IP

Admin7 IP Admin Phone

Admin7 IP Admin Phone The Admin7 IP Administrative Phone is a complete admin phone solution for the CareHawk CH2000IP Life Safety Communication Platform. Initiate intercom calls to the classroom, play normal or emergency tones to zones, quickly perform and respond to…

Messaging Displays lockdown

Messaging Displays

Messaging Displays A network of hallway and classroom messaging displays provide superior emergency and everyday communications for improved student and staff safety. 10” Messaging Display (CLKMSL10) Compatible with the CH1000(LT) and CH2000IP Platforms The 10” LCD display with full-color graphics and…

GPIO Integration Hub

GPIO Integration Hub

GPIO Integration Hub The GPIO Integration Hub simplifies connected security/emergency processes, reducing operations needed during crises and unifies third-party technologies. GPIO Integration Hub (GPIO-8I-8O) Compatible with the CH2000IP Platform 8 Inputs and 8 Outputs Combine 2 modules for up to 16…

LOCKDOWN feature on the phone

VCall+ Mobile Call Point

VCall+ Mobile Call Point The VCall+ app turns your phone into a mobile call point.* Initiate normal and emergency call-ins, lockdowns, and other alerts on the CH2000IP platform from the VCall+ app. Call-ins initiated with VCall+ are visually displayed in Spotlight…

Admin PHONE CH2000IP

Classroom Phones

Classroom Phones Keep teachers and staff connected in the classroom with VoIP telephones. Key Functionality Call classroom to classroom and to the admin office Add virtually unlimited classroom phones Classroom phones feature off-hook transfer and duress for added student and staff…

CareHawk Class D Amplifiers

Audio Amplifiers

Audio Amplifiers CareHawk Class D audio amplifiers are a low-power, high-efficiency, low-distortion solution. Key Functionality Class D – low power, high efficiency and low distortion Variety of voltage outputs Dual-page options Volume control Flexible Mounting Orientations We have the amplifier to…

Call Stations and Alert Stations

Call Stations and Alert Stations

Call Stations and Alert Stations Use Call Stations to initiate normal or emergency call-ins to administrative phones from the classroom. Use Alert Stations to initiate alerts like lockdown and evacuate with the touch of a button. Empower Your School with Improved…

CareHawk Clocks by Primex

CareHawk Clocks by Primex

CareHawk Clocks by Primex Synchronized Clock Systems: OneVue SyncTM Equipped with innovative wireless and wired solutions, OneVue Sync provides synchronized clocks, unifying timekeeping across entire campuses and facilities through one point of network access. Over the last 15 years, Primex synchronized…

System Speakers


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