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Synchronized Clock Systems: OneVue SyncTM

Equipped with innovative wireless and wired solutions, OneVue Sync provides synchronized clocks, unifying timekeeping across entire campuses and facilities through one point of network access.

Over the last 15 years, Primex synchronized time systems have been installed in over 12,000 schools, universities, hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide. Whether you’re in education, healthcare, manufacturing, business or government, OneVue Sync can help make time synchronization less time consuming.

OneVue Sync Transmitter

72 MHz Frequency

The 72 MHz frequency is much lower than other often-used frequencies, there is minimal signal interference risk between the 72 MHz transmitter and each clock.

The longer wavelength of a 72 MHz signal allows better penetration through solidly constructed building materials than higher frequencies, helping to ensure your clocks remain synchronized.

72 MHz is a FCC-licensed frequency and requires a simple registration.

OneVue Transmitters Guaranteed Coverage

Guaranteed Coverage

CareHawk experts evaluate your facility’s floor plans to design a personalized solution that can guarantee time signal coverage. OneVue® Transmitters receive time from either GPS or NTP and can be configured with different power output levels, allowing coverage to scale from a single building to an entire multifacility campus.

OneVue System Monitoring

OneVue® System Monitoring

Within the OneVue Sync™ synchronized timekeeping solution, the cloud-based OneVue software platform enables users to individually manage each clock, eliminating manual clock-setting.

The OneVue software platform allows you to completely own your system by setting up, customizing, and running reports with minimal IT overhead.

Automated alerts — via audible alarm, text, email, or call — can be configured and set, all from a web browser.


Traditional Series clocks feature easy-to-read dials and durable thermoplastic frames and lenses, making them ideal for many applications.


Levo Series Digital Clocks feature highly visible, seven-segment LED digits in a sleek black casing to integrate well into virtually any indoor environment.


The OneVue Sync Transmitter uses a high-penetration frequency to talk to devices throughout a building or campus.

The transmitter may be equipped to receive either GPS or NTP time sources.