Providing Safety Through Technology

Communication Systems for the Education Industry

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Serving Safer Schools Every Day and in Times of Crisis

We’re dedicated to developing life safety communication technologies that alert, inform, and instruct staff and students through everyday activities and during emergency situations, so you can focus on what’s important – learning.

The Informed Classroom Communications System

Connect with the classroom and ensure staff and students receive timely, clear, and accessible alerts and instructions. 


Beyond the Classroom

Communications in hallways, on school grounds, and beyond

Your School Floor Plan as an Interactive Dashboard

Forget the phone codes and recycle your cheat sheet! With the touch of a finger, initiate, view, and respond to your daily communications in real-time with Spotlight or the Administration Console.

School Bell Schedules

Easily manage your school bell schedules and make changes on-the-fly with the calendar-style interface.

Real-Time Feedback

Stay informed with priority-based visual feedback directly on the school floorplan.

“We have placed CareHawk systems in several of our schools throughout our school district. The software is easy to use when scheduling the school day bells for our system. We also have the flexibility to turn on or off the PA speakers individually with ease through the CareHawk software. Our Administrative Assistants can also control the bell schedules by making a simple change at the head end phone. CareHawk is a reliable and easy system to operate.”

Kim Baumann

Community High School District 218

“…we decided to make the CareHawk CH1000 Life Safety Communications solution our school districts standard of choice. Since then, we have installed the CareHawk systems in 12 additional schools. The systems are very reliable…”

Denise Brogan

Director of Maintenance and Operations Davis Joint Unified School District

We’re Here to Support You

With over 200 Certified Partners throughout North America, we’re with you every step of the way, from selecting the right base system to applying our expertise to your particular facility and communication priorities.

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Education: Seamless Communication Solutions for Every Level, in Canada and the US

In the complex world of education, there is a wide range of challenges, from curriculum to security and safety, that are on the minds of administrators and decision-makers, whether in K-12 spaces, charter schools, private schools, or higher education.

Student and staff wellbeing is the top priority when evaluating safety and communication solutions. As a safety communications leader and solutions provider, CareHawk understands the needs of educational institutions concerning everyday communication and emergency response. Through modern technology, CareHawk helps schools of all types overcome their shared and unique needs.

First and foremost, educational institutions must prioritize the safety and security of students and personnel. Ensuring the safety of students, faculty, and staff is of utmost importance due to the regrettable increase in security threats, including intruders, natural catastrophes, and other situations. Robust security systems with alerting, access control, and automated communication features are necessary for education sector clients to react to crises quickly and efficiently.

Second, is the necessity of effective communication networks. Educational establishments must ensure reliable communication channels with staff, emergency services, the community, and other parties on campus. Public address, mass notification, and intercom systems must function reliably to guarantee the timely and thorough dissemination of critical information.

Third, financial limitations are a recurring barrier for universities and K-12 schools. It is challenging to balance the demand for cutting-edge safety and communication systems with limited funding. To ensure that budgets are allocated effectively, clients in the education sector need affordable and long-lasting solutions.

Lastly, many educational institutions are challenged with how to integrate various technologies and systems. Given how quickly technology is developing, clients are looking for solutions that will work now and in the future. These solutions should be flexible and scalable. It’s crucial to consider compatibility and simplicity of integration with the current infrastructure.

Educational establishments of all kinds—K-12, postsecondary, charter, and private—face various issues related to funding, safety, communication, and technology integration. CareHawk understands these challenges and works to give educational clients the creative and economical solutions they need to establish secure, productive learning environments. CareHawk sets itself apart from other solutions with a holistic approach to school safety and remains a reliable partner for colleges, universities and K-12 schools nationwide.

Promoting Secure Learning Environments in K-12, Charter Schools, Private Schools, and Higher Education Institutions

Creating a safe atmosphere for students, teachers, lecturers, and staff is crucial in education. CareHawk leads the way in providing secure learning environments with cutting-edge communication solutions tailored for educational institutions. Here are some of the solutions we offer:

  • Emergency Response and Crisis Handling: In emergencies, swift and effective communication is vital. CareHawk’s all-inclusive solutions facilitate quick crisis management through mass notification systems, ensuring real-time alerts for the entire school community. These systems support effective decision-making, reassure parents, and streamline emergency procedures.
  • Lockdown Techniques for Increased Security: Modern lockdown management tools from CareHawk enable schools to establish security procedures efficiently. With cutting-edge technologies, parents and teachers can trust in efficient lockdown protocols, creating a safe setting conducive to education.
  • Communications in School Districts: Reliable district-wide communication is critical for coordinated emergency response. CareHawk’s IP School Intercom Public Address (PA) systems link multiple schools, for effective mass communication and improving overall school district administration.

Whether you’re in K-12, higher education, charter schools, or private education, in Canada or the USA, CareHawk is your trusted partner in delivering communication solutions that enhance safety, collaboration, and efficiency. 

Our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of each educational setting ensures that institutions in Canada and the US can confidently embrace the future of communication and education with CareHawk.  Contact one of our representatives for more information today.

We’re Here to Support You

With over 200 Certified Partners throughout North America, we’re with you every step of the way, from selecting the right base system to applying our expertise to your particular facility and communication priorities.

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