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The CH1000 life safety communication platform delivers state-of-the-art life safety paging, intercom, and mass notification solutions designed for compatibility, expansion, integration, and superior audio intelligibility.


Key Functionality

  • Paging
  • Intercom
  • Audio and Visual Mass Notifications
  • Automated and Priority-based Emergency Communications
  • District Wide Communication
  • Bell Scheduling
  • Integrate Access Control and Security
  • Synchronized Clocks

Performance Specifications

This system is best for medium to large-scale projects.

Multi-system installs (up to 8 systems)*
District-wide communication capable
1 or 2 Intercom channels
Up to 8 admin phone/telephone slots
Multi-system installs (up to 8 systems)*
256 ports (2048 networked)*
64 paging zones
Assistant / Calendar software
5-year warranty

*Networked systems are available as a Dual System setup (2 systems) or a Master-Client system setup (1 Master and up to 7 clients). For more information please call a sales representative

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