8 Safety Goals to Boost Enrollment and Competitive Edge for Charter Schools

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Safety Matters: Boosting Charter School Appeal with Advanced Safety Measures

Research indicates that safety preparedness significantly impacts charter school enrollment rates. According to a study by the National Charter School Resource Center, parents prioritize school safety measures when choosing educational institutions for their children (National Charter School Resource Center, 2020).

Schools that demonstrate robust safety protocols, such as emergency drills, secure campus infrastructure, and effective crisis management plans, tend to attract more enrollments.

These measures assure parents of their children’s safety and enhance the overall reputation and trustworthiness of the school within the community. As a result, charter schools that prioritize safety preparedness are more likely to see stable or increasing enrollment numbers compared to those that do not prioritize these measures.

CareHawk Mass Notification Technologies Protect Students, Teachers, and Staff at Charter Schools

In the current educational environment, charter schools must distinguish themselves to attract and retain students. For parents picking a school, their children’s safety and protection are crucial aspects to consider.

CareHawk’s goal is to secure the safety of all individuals in a school setting with modern communication and emergency response systems.

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School Safety and Communication: A Solution Tailored for Superintendents

Let’s review 8 essential emergency communication goals and how CareHawk can help you achieve them for your charter school.

Goal #1: Ensuring System Functionality


Emergency communication system reliability

Ensuring that your emergency communication system is fully operational and reliable when you need it most is a core pillar of an effective response. 

Monitor all communications in real time

CareHawk’s Spotlight software allows administrators to monitor all communications in real time, on the school floor plan, with priority-based color-coded indicators for each type of communication (e.g. emergency call-ins, pages, and alerts). 

Supervision technology monitors endpoints

Our proprietary supervision technology monitors endpoints (e.g. messaging displays and audio gateways) to ensure connectivity and functionality. Endpoints attempt to reconnect/reboot upon detection of a malfunction or connection issue. If the issue cannot be resolved automatically, email notifications, floor plan indicators and Spotlight software status indicators alert  support staff that intervention is required.

Goal #2: Quick Emergency Response

Acting quickly in times of crisis is crucial for charter schools. A fast response can significantly mitigate harm, and the CareHawk Mass Notification Systems are made for precisely this task.

Spotlight Standalone for CH2000 and CH1000

Spotlight Software:

Spotlight is your school’s browser-based control center. Using your interactive school floor plan, easily initiate important alerts, audio pages (pre-recorded or live) to particular zones, and other actions.

Communicate within one school or between many campuses with multisystem and district wide interconnectivity. Spotlight ensures that the right message reaches the right people at the right time

Admin PHONE CH2000IP

Admin7 Administrative Phone:

The 7-inch  high-definition touch-screen display empowers staff with quick and easy initiation of important alerts.

This removes the necessity of remembering phone codes when you are under stress, making Admin7 an important part of your emergency response and day-to-day communication needs.

LOCKDOWN feature on the phone

VCall+ Mobile Alert App:

The VCall+ app allows admins and security personnel on the school’s wireless network to trigger lockdowns or other crucial alerts, offering quick response in emergency situations from anywhere within range of the network.

Available on iPhone and Android devices.

Call Stations and Alert Stations

Alert Stations:

Tailor alert buttons to initiate lockdowns, weather alerts, or evacuations at the touch of a button.

Strategically placed alert stations are an important part of your emergency response plan and offer a hard-wired solution in concert with mobile technologies for important safety redundancies.

Investing in advanced safety and communication systems with CareHawk safeguards the well-being of students, teachers, and staff. It also boosts the school’s  competitive edge. Contact CareHawk now to learn about our customized solutions for charter schools.

Goal #3: Connecting Buildings and Sizable Campuses

For larger campuses, it is crucial to have connected communication since there may be situations that impact more than just one building or area. Mutlisystem connectivity and District Wide capabilities from CareHawk helps make sure the flow of information and resources is effortless.

Spotlight Multisystem

Spotlight Multisystem – Group Alerts:

Organize groups of schools to automatically join in lockdowns initiated by other schools in the group.

Eliminate the need for phone calls to other schools, burdening key staff during emergencies. Take the quickest approach to emergency response and automate with Spotlight

Spotlight by CareHawk

Spotlight District-Wide Proximity-Based Alerts:

Control district communications from a central location using an interface based on Google Maps. Allow administrators to initiate  lockdowns, emergency pages to common zones (i.e. admin offices), and alerts that spread across the whole district. 

Select individual schools from the map interface for direct and efficient alerts and communication on the fly. Pin threatening incidents in the community on the map and tailor multiple alerts based on a school’s proximity to danger, within a configurable radius, in real time!

Schools closest to the incident are put into lockdown, while schools farther from the incident may receive low priority alerts like shelter-in-place or hold-and-secure. Individual schools are then empowered to respond independently based on their local threat assessments.

Effective University Mass Notification Systems

Goal #4: Managing Critical Message Approvals

CareHawk strongly recommends preparing and recording important messages ahead of time, having them approved by administrators, and employing them automatically in times of emergency. Reducing barriers like approvals and situational panic help schools better respond to crises when every second counts.

Strong user and role management ensures that only authorized people can initiate critical messages.

Goal #5: Staying Current with Best Practices

PASS Partner

CareHawk is a PASS (Partner Alliance for Safer Schools) partner, aiding charter schools in establishing security and emergency communication plans that comply with acknowledged national standards.

Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) logo

Goal #6: Streamlining System Maintenance and Support

trusted partner carehawk

CareHawk has more than 200 certified partners in Canada and the USA. We are ready to support you.

Free manufacturer-direct customer support

CareHawk offers free customer support directly from the manufacturer, making certain your system stays current and operates at its best.

Goal #7: Integrating Multiple Systems

Integrating different safety systems is a common challenge for charter schools. CareHawk’s GPIO Integration Hub provides a method to link third-party systems, making them more effective through cooperation. We collaborate with top technologies like fire alarm, classroom instructional audio, and access control to offer robust safety solutions available. Learn more

Third-Party Integrations

We recognize the critical need for seamless integration with diverse technologies, such as the leading Lightspeed classroom instructional audio systems and compliance with Alyssa’s Law through Centegix. We collaborate with a broad spectrum of established and emerging technologies to provide robust and versatile solutions specifically designed for education establishments. Learn more

GPIO Integration Hub:

The CareHawk Integration Hub allows schools to connect third-party systems with our platform, extending the usefulness of these systems through collaboration. For example, connect your fire alarm system and mute music and other non-essential communications in the school automatically, allowing the priority message to be heard.

CareHawk third-party integrations

Third-party Integrations:

We understand the need to collaborate with other technologies, like industry-leading Lightspeed classroom instructional audio or to comply with Alyssa’s Law through integration with Centegix. We strive to work with as many existing and upcoming technologies as possible.

Goal #8: Effective Communication Across All School Spaces

In many cases, charter school administrators encounter difficulties making sure announcements can be heard in all places, such as hallways, gyms, and outdoor areas.

The G.722 wideband audio codec from CareHawk gives better intelligibility for audio in noisy and confused surroundings. We also combine visual displays with strobe lights to ensure messages are seen and heard.

10” Messaging Displays:

Ideal for classrooms, these high-definition screens come with a built-in speaker option.

10” Dual-Screen Messaging Displays:

Perfect for hallways, visible from both directions, with built-in speaker options.

22” Messaging Displays:

These displays have a connection feature to amplified external speakers, making them ideal for bigger areas, such as gyms or cafeterias.

Seamless Third-Party Systems Integration for a Streamlined Educational Environment
CareHawk's Communication & Crisis Response Solutions

Addressing Safety Challenges with Comprehensive Solutions

With schools are experiencing more lockdown incidents than ever before; they must be ready to handle emergencies. Employing a trusted emergency response and communication system is crucial in an era where crises can happen at any time.

CareHawk helps charter schools achieve their safety preparedness goals with comprehensive intercom, public address and mass communication solutions.

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