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A groundbreaking technological leap in connectivity and communication
for the CH2000IP and CH1000 platforms.

Multisystem Connectivity

Spotlight seamlessly integrates multisystem connectivity between the CH2000IP and CH1000 platforms enabling unparalleled collaboration across systems.

Empower teachers and administrators to communicate directly between schools in a connected district equipped with either CH2000IP or CH1000 platforms.

  • View the status of connected remote systems including real-time emergency communications
  • Configure system specific Lockdown groups
  • Intercom classrooms on connected remote systems
  • Call Admin phones on connected remote systems
  • Emergency page to common zones across all or some schools
  • Page common zones on connected remote systems
  • Send tones to connected remote systems
  • View connected remote system floor plans and activities
Spotlight Multisystem

District Wide Control

Spotlight enables security officers and district administrators to manage emergency response for all schools in the district from a central location.

  • Lockdown any one or more schools in the district instantly
  • View of connected remote school floor plans and communication activities
  • Trigger and manage emergency communications from a map interface
  • Trigger emergency alerts based on dynamically selected areas from a map interface
Spotlight by CareHawk

Centralized Calendar Management

Spotlight enables administrators to manage Calendars and bell schedules for multiple schools or the entire district from a central location.

  • View active remote calendars
  • Push calendars and tones to schools
  • Import/export calendars
  • Edit calendars
Spotlight Calendar

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