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The VCall+ app turns your phone into a mobile call point.*

Initiate normal and emergency call-ins, lockdowns, and other alerts on the CH2000IP platform from the VCall+ app.

Call-ins initiated with VCall+ are visually displayed in Spotlight on a school’s interactive floorplan based on the user’s selected endpoint. A lockdown triggered elsewhere is displayed within the app and prompts staff to check in using the lockdown acknowledgment button. Receive in-app notifications for evacuations and more.**

User management and security protocols ensure staff has access only to the appropriate functionality.


Key Features

  • Mobile Call Point App (iOS and Android) 
  • Initiate normal and emergency call-ins to Spotlight and ADMIN7 phones from classroom endpoints like speakers and intercom-capable messaging displays* 
  • Initiate alerts like lockdown, evacuate, and other configured tones 
  • Check-in acknowledgment during lockdown events 
  • Receive in-app alert messages and phone vibration initiated by other trigger points for lockdown, evacuate, and more** 
  • Configure staff name, location, and mobile number and pass that information to the receiving ADMIN7 phone and Spotlight 
  • User and role management with password security 
  • Save and manage favorite endpoints easily 
  • Provides redundancy to traditional wired call points 
  • ADA and AODA compliant color scheme 
  • Licensed on the CH2000IP (license key must be installed)

*The VCall+ app does not provide direct two-way audio communication. ** The VCall+ app does not support push notifications.

Configure the phone number of initiating devices to pass through to the receiving Admin7 phone and Spotlight empowering first responders to contact staff directly on their mobile devices when unable to communicate through the school’s internal intercom system.