Spotlight by CareHawk

For CH2000IP and CH1000 Platforms

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SpotlightTM converts your facility blueprint into an interactive communication dashboard for everyday and emergency communications. Receive visual feedback of your communications right on the map of your facility, in real-time.


Key Functionality

It has never been easier to make an intercom call, distribute a page, play a tone or music, create a bell schedule, or initiate a lockdown. It’s a matter of a mouse click or the touch of your finger (touch screen required).

  • Spotlight is designed for the CH2000IP and CH1000 Platforms
  • Make intercom calls, initiate pages, play tones, and send emergency messages using an interactive map
  • Receive lockdown acknowledgments by room or VCall+ app on iOS and Android mobile devices 
  • Create yearly bell schedules, alternate day schedules, and more with the user-friendly calendar interface 
  • Real-time visual feedback 
  • Use preinstalled tones and messages or easily create your own 
  • Visual priority-based communication 
  • One-click staff directory 
  • Create roles for various users and levels of access