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Mass Notification Systems Critical for Schools and Campuses Safety

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Comprehensive Mass Notification Systems in America and Canada

CareHawk is dedicated to offering comprehensive mass notification technologies designed to meet the distinct requirements of schools. Our mass notification systems are engineered for everyday communication and to efficiently alert, notify, direct, and guide staff and students in emergency scenarios, encouraging a more secure school setting for everyone. Our solutions prioritize usability, reliability, and accessibility, allowing school administrators to focus on education while we manage communications.

 Enhancing Classroom Communication

Our dedication to improving classroom communication extends beyond simply conveying messages; it involves establishing a setting where students and staff feel secure, well-informed, and empowered. Our schools’ mass notification systems offer a range of tools and features specifically designed to enhance communication every day and during emergencies.
Our systems provide essential alerts and interactive communication features that actively inform administrators and promote improved emergency response.

Our mass notification systems, for schools, universities, and colleges include visual and audible communication capabilities, enabling administrators to enhance communications with improved comprehension. This multimedia approach not only improves the clarity and efficacy of communication but also caters to students and staff with auditory or visual impairments.
Furthermore, our technologies promote collaboration among staff members, allowing for communication between teachers, administrators, and support staff both locally and across the district This collaborative method guarantees that all individuals are aligned, fostering effectiveness and synchronization in school operations.


Beyond the Classroom

Communication goes beyond the physical boundaries of the classroom. Our solutions encompass corridors, cafeterias, gymnasiums, outside spaces on the school premises, and more, ensuring the dissemination of crucial messages to all individuals inside the school setting and considering overall safety and security.

Interactive Floor Plans

Interactive floor plans have replaced the need for complicated phone codes and cheat sheets for communication. Our SpotlightTM technology enables school administrators to initiate, answer, observe, and address communications instantly using interactive floor plans. This user-friendly interface simplifies communication and reduces training.

Flexible Bell Schedules

Our calendar-style interface makes it easy to manage school bell schedules. Administrators can make immediate modifications, guaranteeing that schedules are always current and aligned with the school’s requirements.

Immediate response

Spotlight enables priority-based communications for better response directly on the school floor plan, keeping administrators updated on the progress of their communications and ensuring that essential alarms are heeded swiftly.

Adaptable Solutions

Schools with outdated PA (public address) and intercom systems or limited resources can still benefit from our solutions. Our platforms are designed to work with existing analog wiring, so you can use your existing infrastructure while enjoying modern features and performance. Our hybrid/analog systems are trusted by thousands of schools to be durable and reliable, offering a cost-efficient choice for schools seeking to improve their communication capabilities without incurring excessive recurring expenses.

Alternatively, if your school possesses more sophisticated network capabilities or aims to ensure its investment remains relevant in the future, our IP solutions provide a scalable and adaptable choice. Our systems utilize IP technology to facilitate effortless integration with your current network infrastructure, providing centralized control, remote accessibility, and the capacity to scale for future development and expansion.

Our IP solutions also include a variety of advanced functionalities and features, such as endpoint supervision, live audio, lockdown classroom acknowledgement, mobile alerts, and seamless integrations with other systems and apps. If you want to establish a new system or improve your current infrastructure, our IP solutions offer flexibility and scalability to adjust to changing requirements and technologies.

Aside from our versatile hardware solutions, we also provide configurable software solutions that may be customized to suit your requirements and protocols. Our Spotlight software solution offers the flexibility and capability to successfully connect the district, whether you need a simple warning system or a comprehensive communication platform.
CareHawk’s versatile solutions guarantee you can implement the appropriate mass notification system for your school, irrespective of your budget, infrastructure, or specifications. By utilizing our adaptable hardware and software choices, you may safeguard your investment and guarantee that your educational institution remains secure, interconnected, and well-informed now and into the future.

“We have placed CareHawk systems in several of our schools throughout our school district. The software is easy to use when scheduling the school day bells for our system. We also have the flexibility to turn on or off the PA speakers individually with ease through the CareHawk software. Our Administrative Assistants can also control the bell schedules by making a simple change at the head end phone. CareHawk is a reliable and easy system to operate.”

Kim Baumann

Community High School District 218

“…we decided to make the CareHawk CH1000 Life Safety Communications solution our school districts standard of choice. Since then, we have installed the CareHawk systems in 12 additional schools. The systems are very reliable…”

Denise Brogan

Director of Maintenance and Operations Davis Joint Unified School District

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