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Options to Fit Your Needs

Choose from standard sealed and unsealed push-button call cords or the more accessible pad style and pneumatic air-activated cords for residents with limited hand dexterity.

These call cords are tested for use with the HC7000 to UL1069 and CSA 22.2 205 standards.

Standard Call Cord

  • Emergency / Call
  • A clean, basic design with reliable function at a price any facility can afford
  • Our most economically priced call cord
  • Repairable button for fast fixes
  • 7′ and 12′ lengths available
  • CLCRD-E7 / CLCRD-E12
Easy Grip Call Cord

Easy Grip Call Cord

  • When durability and feature versatility are a must
  • Easy-grip winged pendant
  • Tactile “click” raised button
  • Easy to clean
  • 7′ and 12′ lengths available
  • CLCRD-L7 / CLCRD-L12

Sealed Call Cord

  • The sealed, membrane style button can be easily wiped down to help prevent the spread of germs
  • Smooth membrane is easier to sanitize than regular buttons
  • Easy-grasp winged design
  • High-contrast red button
  • Flush button reduces accidental calls
  • CLCRD-S8

Sealed Call Cord

  • A pneumatic air-activated call cord designed for patients who have difficulty activating standard call cords
  • For use by patients with sufficient motor skills to press on the bulb
  • Great for geriatric patients who cannot operate a regular call cord
  • Easy to squeeze bulb style
  • CLCRD-B6

Pad Style Call Cord

  • This momentary call cord pad works great for residents who have limited hand dexterity
  • Large pad for easy activation
  • Includes security clip
  • 3″ diameter pad
  • CLCRD-P8