Emergency and Crisis Management: Keeping Schools Safe with CareHawk

CareHawk’s Advanced Crisis Management Solutions

At CareHawk, we recognize that the first concern of principals, superintendents, and school administrative staff is keeping the personnel and students safe. We’re here to introduce you to our state-of-the-art Emergency and Crisis Management solutions in Canada and the US because we want to make your life as straightforward as possible while maintaining the security of your educational institution.

Lockdown and Critical Alerts: Fast, Reliable, and Effective

When emergencies occur it is critical to act quickly and efficiently. Our Lockdown and Critical Alerts technology is used in any situation that may arise at your institution so staff can rely on automated processes so they can focus on student and staff safety. You can feel secure knowing that your school has a robust and alert system with CareHawk, allowing you to respond quickly to emergencies.

Key Features

Instant Alerts:
To make sure that everyone on campus is aware of potential hazards and can take appropriate action, our single-touch alert stations and prerecorded messaging instantly alert everyone with calm and clear audio and visual instructions.

Customized Alerts:
Adapt alerts to certain circumstances so that you can convey the precise type of emergency—a lockdown, fire, or bad weather, for example. Use the default tones and alerts or create custom alerts and prerecorded messages consistent with your schools’ emergency needs and protocols.

Several Channels of Communication:
Our system uses a variety of channels, such as phones, digital displays, speakers, and intercoms, to deliver notifications.

Lockdown Acknowledgement:
Classroom check-ins during lockdown events highlight areas of concern for first responders on the school floor plan, enabling a more informed response.

How it works

Instant Information
Real-time feedback is available to teachers and staff via classroom speakers and intercoms, messaging displays, and mobile devices, allowing them to make informed decisions and execute emergency protocols.

Visual Dashboard for Monitoring: An intuitive floorplan-based dashboard enables administrative staff to monitor the status and evolution of lockdowns, facilitating prompt and well-informed decision-making.

Alyssa’s Law Compliance: Meeting Safety Regulations Head-On

CareHawk is committed to facilitating your school’s seamless Alyssa’s Law Compliance in the following ways:

Silent Panic Alarms:
In the case of an emergency, authorized workers can subtly activate our system’s silent panic alarms, which promptly notify law enforcement.

Direct Connection:
A direct line of communication with local law enforcement speeds up emergency reaction times.

Communication Based on Priorities:
Not all information is equal in times of emergency. With a priority-based communication hierarchy, schools can effectively manage and distribute vital information to ensure the right people hear the right messages at the right time.

Benefits for Principals

Priority Call Queues:
Emergency calls and alerts are displayed in RED on the admin phone and floorplan software  according to their importance and urgency to ensure critical information is acted on immediately.

Automated Distribution:
By distributing alerts automatically, our solution reduces the possibility of human error in high-stress scenarios.

Centralized Control:
To guarantee accuracy and consistency in communication, administrative personnel have centralized control over message delivery.

Why Opt for CareHawk’s Crisis and Emergency Management Services in the US and Canada?

CareHawk offers solutions that enable you to establish a safe learning environment for your staff and students. Here are some reasons to pick us for your needs in emergency and crisis management:

Experience Is Vital:

With years of expertise in the field, we understand the particular challenges with safety and security that educational institutions in the US and Canada encounter. Your unique needs are the focus of our solution design.

Holistic Solutions:

In a sea of disparate technologies,  paging and intercom systems lie at the core of communication distribution and emergency response. CareHawk integrates with third-party systems, like access control and fire alarm, to ensure all relevant systems work together for improved emergency response. 

Customized Systems:

Each school is unique, and we acknowledge that. Whether you manage a vast university campus or a small primary school, our solutions are tailored to meet your needs.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

CareHawk is your partner in establishing a safer, more secure learning environment. We are more than just a supplier of emergency and crisis management systems. Our cutting-edge solutions, adherence to regulations, and concern for your school’s security make us the first choice for administrators, superintendents, and principals.


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