Comprehensive Communication Solutions for Architects, Engineers, and Consultants

Comprehensive Communication Solutions

It is critical to keep a competitive edge in the ever-changing fields of design, engineering, and consulting and to provide solutions that fulfill and go beyond customer requirements. You recognize the importance of technical product specs and drawings that precisely match your vision and guarantee client satisfaction as a detail-oriented and tech-savvy expert. CareHawk understands your particular demands and provides various cutting-edge solutions to improve your projects and ensure client satisfaction.

CareHawk is able to meet your needs

As a designer, engineer, or consultant who is determined to complete projects of the highest calibre, CareHawk is able to meet your needs in the following ways:

Product Specification Compliance:
The solutions we provide for your projects either meet or exceed the requirements outlined in the specifications.

Competitive and Reliable Solutions:
We provide safety and communication solutions that are competitive in the market and reliable because we understand that your reputation depends on the calibre of the solutions you provide.

Reliable and Responsive Manufacturers Interfaces:
We know collaborating with manufacturers who place a high value on dependability, responsiveness, and client satisfaction is critical to our success. As a leader in Life Safety Communications since 2006, we have earned the trust of 1,000’s of schools across Canada and the USA.

Complete Support:
Having access to solid support and service from CareHawk’s committed partners guarantees a flawless experience, from pre-sales questions to post-installation assistance. We provide free support and have a network of qualified partners and regional sales managers to help you with technical questions. Let us provide you with a comprehensive product demonstration.

Customer Satisfaction:
At the end of the day, you want your clients to be thrilled with the outcomes of your initiatives, and a big part of that is the solutions you provide to help them achieve. We ensure that your clients are completely satisfied with their communication solutions, with on-site training and free customer support

Efficient Communication:
The project’s success depends on having easy access to technical salespeople who can answer your questions and a seamless and efficient connection with the manufacturer. Our team is always on standby to assist you with maintenance or any other questions you may have.

Documentation and Specifications:
Thorough documentation and specifications are vital for the planning and implementation of your project. We provide comprehensive documentation so that you can have peace of mind about the solution you are giving your clients.

How Architects, Engineers, and Consultants Benefit from CareHawk’s Solutions

CareHawk provides an extensive range of solutions and features customized to fulfill theunique needs of your clients

  • Mass communication solutions
  • Intercom and paging
  • Lockdown and crucial alerts in emergency and crisis management
  • Compliance with the Law of Alyssa
  • Communication based on levels of priority
  • Centralized control and management in one or more places
  • Large-scale calendar modifications (Centralized mass calendar updates)
  • Supervision of critical endpoints like speaker gateways, general purpose inputs and outputs, and messaging displays.
  • Alerts for multiple systems and the district
  • Multisystem mass communication based on proximity
  • Communication between schools within the district
  • Clocks for coordinated timekeeping and bell schedules
  • User-friendly calendars and bell schedule tools.
  • Event-based GPIO and integrations for third-party systems integration
  • Control of door entry and access
  • Integrations for fire alarms
  • Gunshot and vape detection
  • Future-ready cybersecurity solutions
  • Encrypting communications AES-128

Why partner with CareHawk?

When partnering with CareHawk, you can expect:

Specification Compliance

We make sure your projects follow the highest standards by carefully crafting our solutions to match or exceed industry-equivalent criteria.

Products that are Competitive and Reliable

We provide a wide selection of items trusted by 1,000’s of facilities and known for being both price-competitive and reliable.

Dependable and Prompt Support

From the initial product selection to the post-installation help, our committed partners are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient support.

Extensive Documentation

Gain access to comprehensive technical specifications and documentation to support the planning and execution of your projects.

Customer-Centric Approach

We are persistent in our dedication to supporting you in achieving client satisfaction through our solutions since we understand the critical role it plays in your initiatives.

Efficient Communication

Our technical sales staff can answer questions and guarantee that implementation runs smoothly throughout your project lifecycle.

Empowering Excellence

At CareHawk, we enable architects, engineers, and consultants to produce exceptional projects that meet and surpass industry and customer standards by providing all-inclusive solutions and industry-leading innovation and support.


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