Centralized Management and Control: Streamlining School Operations with CareHawk

We know that running the complex web of activities in educational establishments can require a lot of juggling for IT managers, CTOs, and school administrators. We’re excited to present you CareHawk’s Centralized Management and Control solutions in the US and Canada. Imagine a world where managing endpoint supervision and bulk calendar updates are simple and can be done anywhere. CareHawk innovation makes school administration more accessible than ever.

Mass Calendar Updates: Keeping Everyone in Sync

Managing school calendars and bell schedules can be a tedious and expensive task when done locally at the individual school level. CareHawk enables district administrators to update select or all school calendars from a centralized location, streamlining district bell schedule management.

Multiple Calendars:
Districts require different calendars for elementary, middle, and secondary schools. CareHawk centralized calendar management allows administrators to push the appropriate calendars as required.

Day Schedules:
Day schedules change for various reasons, like weather or other events. Quickly and easily update day schedules throughout the district.

Edit Calendars:
With the Outlook-style interface, easily create and edit bell schedules like never before. Change a day schedule from an easy drop-down list and see exclusion dates, like holidays, in the calendar at a glance.

Endpoint Monitoring: Ensuring System Functionality

Ensuring system uptime and performance is critical in emergency management.. Make your job easier with our Endpoint Supervision function, which offers total control over device management through the following features:

Real-time Monitoring:
Make sure everything is functioning correctly by monitoring the usage and status of endpoints like classroom audio gateways, digital displays, and other critical components.

Notifications & Alerts:
Get real-time email notifications, visual floorplan-based alerts, and real-time status of any problems or anomalies so you can take quick action.

Automated Recovery:
CareHawk endpoints attempt to recover automatically after the detection of an issue or connection interruption. Sometimes all that’s required is an endpoint restart and we can handle that without intervention from IT or facilities staff. You’re only notified when an endpoint cannot cover and requires human intervention.

Remote Management:
View endpoint statuses and troubleshoot problems without being physically there and manage devices remotely when needed.

Why Choose CareHawk for Centralized Management and Control?

We know that you have several choices for overseeing school bell schedules and communications. Here’s what sets CareHawk’s centralized management and control solutions apart in the US and Canada:

Simplicity Meets Power Compliance

Our solutions for Centralized Management and Control are easy to use and very effective. Our system is user-friendly for administrators and IT personnel of all experience levels, so you don’t have to be a tech wizard to take full advantage of it..


Since every school is different, we have made our system extremely configurable. We can customize events and adjust device access to your exact specifications.

Comprehensive Support

Our dedication extends beyond only the software we offer. We provide thorough assistance and training to ensure you’re prepared to take full advantage of our Centralized Management and Control solutions.

The preferred choice for IT professionals and administrators

CareHawk is more than just a centralized management and control solutions supplier, we’re your partner in streamlining school operations. Our tools are easy to use and highly adaptable, and we are committed to your success, making us the preferred choice for IT professionals and administrators.


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