Are Schools Safer in 2022 than Previous Years?

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Do you think schools are safer than they were 10 or 15 years ago? Threats to schools and the influence they have on society are hotly debated. This topic comes with a lot of emotion. An aspect of school safety is the emergency communication technology that schools use. There is no doubt about the need for emergency planning in educational environments; there are studies and statistics to support many stances around related topics/issues. So how does a life safety communications partner like CareHawk answer this question?

Answering The Question

The most correct and honest answer is this:

From a technological standpoint, schools undoubtedly have the potential to be far safer than in previous years.

CareHawk strives to be the safety partner that schools need. There is simply no reason for a school to remain vulnerable and unprepared for emergencies. CareHawk’s goal of safety through technology is driven by a team with years of experience. Their dedication to customized safety technology helps them become your partner.

Efficient and reliable technology like Spotlight and the CH2000IP outfits a school with the needed resources for everyday and emergency communication. This scalable technology allows a seamless transition to either when needed.

Then Vs. Now

In previous years, a teacher might have been given an emergency plan folder with documents and instructions. Perhaps they would get some fire drill posters to hang in the classroom. To say this is the bare minimum is an understatement. Missing lockdown protocols and emergency planning leaves unprepared classrooms vulnerable to so many threats.

“In the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, students in grades 9–12 were asked whether and how often they had been threatened or injured with a weapon on school property during the 12 months preceding the survey. In 2011, about 7 percent of students reported they were threatened or injured with a weapon, such as a gun, knife, or club, on school property. This percentage was not measurably different from…2009 (8 percent), or in 1993 (7 percent)…”
-Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2012

This shows consistency in the indicators that potentially lead to horrible situations. Whether a given year has shown an increase in these indicators or a decrease, readiness and preparation cannot be understated.

Today’s modern technology thrusts schools into the future, equipping them to respond and be proactive to threats. As technology advances are made, schools that started on first-generation technology are now upgrading to fourth or fifth-generation technologies that help improve the systems and/or make them compliant with Federal/State/Local governments.

Social and Emotional Aspects Catching Up With Technology

Technology is a major aspect of school safety. However, the social and emotional aspects of school safety are just as important. Students and parents must be confident in the safety protocols and technology. An administration cannot simply state that there are safety measures in place. The comfort a little more information gives can go a long way.

Having a strong Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program gives a boost of confidence to the school as a whole. Incorporation of SEL in lessons, activities, and projects is becoming a requirement in many scenarios so developing this in the schools will only help.

Other fantastic resources to help the social and emotional aspects catch up with the confidence in modern safety technology are school counselors, training for teachers, and crisis hotlines available for everyone.

Safer Future With CareHawk

Are schools safer in 2022? With so many factors and ways to look at this topic, the CareHawk answer is one of optimism. Schools undoubtedly have the potential to be far safer than in previous years. With CareHawk technology and emergency protocols in place, a school can focus on the students and how to create the best learning environment for them. Contact a rep to learn how CareHawk can help your school be the place it needs to be for students, parents, and staff.