Ideal for schools, healthcare, correctional, assisted living centers, commercial, transportation, public spaces, military facilities, and government facilities in Canada and the USA – CareHawk has got the solution for you!

Life Safety Communication Solutions

Interactive Floor Plans

Interactive Floor Plans

Turn your floor plan into a live interactive dashboard. Using Spotlight, everyday and emergency communications are a click away.

Two-Way Intercoms

Two-Way Intercoms

General and emergency announcements travel with ease through a sophisticated intercom system. The front office and classrooms speak to each other in real time.

Synchronized Clocks

Synchronized Clocks

Everyone is on the same page at all times. We can easily sync most clock brands. Legacy clock system? No problem.

Bell Schedules

Bell Schedules

Easily create and modify bell schedules. A calendar style interface allows simple on-the-fly changes.

CareHawk Products: Built with a Purpose

Schools and Skilled Nursing Facilities need solutions that are created specifically for them, not a generic solution modified to fit. Does your organization deserve communication systems engineered for your enterprise?

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Who We Are

CareHawk is a low-voltage communication company that provides a unique, reliable life safety infrastructure to multiple government and commercial facilities: schools, healthcare, correctional, and industrial businesses in both the USA and Canada. Whether the Life Safety Communication is for daily use or real-time emergency situations, CareHawk systems serve as the effective solution for facility communications.

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