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IP-Based Technology Serving Safer Schools Now and Into the Future

CareHawk’s state-of-the-art and affordable systems are built to be ready for you at the touch of a button.

School communication needs have evolved beyond basic paging and intercom.

Schools need a system that: 

  • Makes Paging And Classroom Communication A Breeze.
  • Integrates With Emerging Third-Party Technologies.
  • Ensures Emergency Responsiveness.
  • Connect within the classroom and ensure staff and students receive timely, clear, and accessible alerts and instructions. 
  • Extend clear communications to hallways, noisy spaces, on school grounds, and beyond.

Empower Your School with Improved Emergency Response and Daily Communications

Meeting Every Need

Whether you’re a single school or an entire district, the CH2000IP will work seamlessly and effectively for you.

Unprecedented Performance

CareHawk® IP technology opens up incredible possibilities to handle the most demanding requirements. Here are some highlights:

  • 99 Simultaneous Tasks – Intercoms, tone playback, pages, music distribution, etc.
  • 256 Speaker/Intercom Endpoints
  • 16 Admin Phones – VoIP phone or Virtual with MapAssistIP
  • 32 Call-In Groups
  • 200 Call-In queues
  • 64 Speaker Zones
  • 100 combined default and user tones
  • Music source input
  • 80 Alternate Day Calendar Schedules