School Communications - Visualized

MapAssist converts your school floorplan into an interactive dashboard
for everyday and emergency communications.

Great News! Take your existing CH1000 to the next level with MapAssist, today.

Lockdown Acknowledgment

Click a classroom, make a call!

You're informed and in control! Initiate and view your daily communications live on an interactive floorplan of your school.
  • Click a classroom or select from the staff directory. It's never been easier to have a two-way classroom intercom call with staff.
  • Make a page, play music, or send a tone to zones. Whatever you want to do, it's all at your fingertips. Easily create any number of zones, like hallways or staff areas, to ensure the message you send reaches the right people.
  • Color-coded visual feedback. Whether it's a public announcement, an intercom call, or playing the school song, get visual confirmation your message was sent and to and where.
Email Alerts

Stay informed with automated email alerts

Inform teachers, school administration, and other essential community partners of emergencies at the school - automatically!
  • Automatically inform key personnel of a lockdown, weather alert, and other emergency events via email on their phone, tablet, or computer; on or off-site.
  • Control who gets what messages with Groups. Create email groups for each alert and get the right message to the right people.
AMapAssist Calender

Keep your school running smoothly and on-time

  • Your school year at a glance! View your entire school year in an interactive calendar and keep track of your schedule with ease.
  • Schedule more than just bells! Schedule tones, music, programs, video surveillance, and output events.
  • Change the calendar on-the-fly. Set a weekly schedule for the year, create and apply alternate day schedules, and create exceptions on-the-fly.
MapAssist Directory

Staff directory at your fingertips

Make an intercom call to a specific classroom or staff member with the click of a button from the convenient on-screen directory.
  • No more memorizing phone codes or scrambling for a cheat sheet! A full staff/classroom directory is available for one-click communication.
  • Easily find staff members using the search filter, whether you have ten staff or a hundred.
  • Use staff photos for an added human touch!
MapAssist Lockdown

Lockdown with real-time feedback

Your interactive school floorplan provides a quick and effective way to initiate and monitor a lockdown and other emergency messages.
  • Priority-based communication. Lockdown and emergency communications are priority-based and supersede lower priority system activity like regular pages and music.
  • Real-time visual activity monitoring. Lockdown message distribution is indicated in RED on the school floorplan by classroom and other configured spaces, like staff rooms.
  • Real-time classroom lockdown acknowledgment. Receive immediate feedback from classrooms when in lockdown.
Lockdown Acknowledgment

Real-time classroom lockdown acknowledgment

Real-time lockdown acknowledgment from the classroom provides administration and first responders with critical life-safety information for effective response during a crisis.
  • Map display of all classrooms that have acknowledged a lockdown. Highlight classrooms or areas that may be under increased threat.
  • Confirmation from the classroom. The check button is backlit when pressed to confirm acknowledgment at the admin office.

Lockdown Acknowledgment

Great News! Your CH1000 is compatible

Take your existing CH1000 to the next level with MapAssist.
  • Easily add MapAssist to your CH1000. A few simple software updates are all that's required to put the power of MapAssist at our fingertips!

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Priority-Based Communication

It's essential when responding to a crisis that emergency messages always supersede lower-priority communications automatically.

Access From Anywhere

User-friendly, browser-based software allows staff to communicate from anywhere on the network using a PC or tablet.

Simple User Management

Add users and manage their access through roles. Toggle permissions and access to functions with ease.

Record Custom Messages

Create, preview, and use custom recordings on-the-fly or choose from preinstalled alerts like lockdown, severe weather, and more.

No Recurring Fees

There are no hidden or recurring fees or subscriptions. Plus, no-charge upgrades!

Touch-Screen Compatible

Ditch the mouse and use a touch screen monitor or computer!

Your school will thank you!

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