Healthcare Supervised Paging

Healthcare Communications Platform

Superior communication everyday and in crisis.

A nurse call system is only one half of the communication equation in a hospital or nursing home setting.

The CH1000(LT) provides the other half with features like general paging, door video/intercom, reminder tones, and emergency alarms; these features help staff better manage facilities.

The CH1000(LT) uses advanced audio processing, ensuring the highest quality in voice intelligibility for operating theaters, MRI rooms, CT rooms, or anywhere where critical communications is needed.

Using pre-recorded music, tones or messages allows for automation of routine events. Have a lullaby play every time a baby is born. Send audio reminders to zoned speakers to remind staff to turn bed ridden patients over. Avoid disturbing patients at night with voice pages by using the 64 zones of paging to channel your message to the right location. Utilize the built in calendar to automate routine announcements like visiting hours.

Keeping healthcare facilities running smoothly, Safely and on-time.

Calendar™(PC) and WebCalendar™ (broswer-based) provide everything staff needs to schedule tones, programs, video surveillance, and more. All through an easy to understand wizard based interface. Program events years in advance or update on the fly.

Graphic-based admin phone Assistant™ software enables staff to initiate functions with a click of the mouse and pick up the phone to speak. No need for a “cheat sheet" to remember complicated access codes, just click an icon and go!

Send tones or background music to any one of 64 zones or any group of zones with the AP1 Administrative Phone or Assistant™ PC software. With WAV file based tones, administrators can use one of the many factory tones or easily add their own custom tones.

Fully integrate your access control, and security system to streamline emergency functions. Trigger lockdowns that not only alert staff  but automatically signal a central security station.

Ensure bells, time tones and clocks are all in sync! Synchronize with CareHawk® wired or wireless digital and analog clocks. Do you have a legacy clocks system? No problem, we can sync most brands.

VOIP Telephone

CH1000(LT) Life Safety Communication Platform

Rely on the CH1000(LT) for superior audio intelligibility everyday and in times of crisis.

Ideal for healthcare facilities the CH1000(LT) is a carefully engineered life safety communications platform used to send emergency messages, intercom, pages, district wide alerts, synchronize clocks, integrate video surveillance and much more.

  • Communicate effectively with superior audio intelligibility.
  • Simple and cost-effective installation and retofit applications. Reduce cable and conduit materials by up to 2/3rds of a traditional system.
  • Remote support and access is available from anywhere.
  • Customize the platform to the unique needs of any healthcare facility.
  • Each CH1000 is backed by a 5 year industry-leading warranty and world class customer support.
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VOIP Telephone

Administrative Telephones

System control at your fingertips with the AP1 Administrative Phone.

The control center for paging, intercom, security, video and telephone communications with the CareHawk® CH1000(LT).

  • Backlit display turns red to indicate emergency communications
  • One-touch emergency page and 9 custom speed dials
  • Visual and audible indicator for incoming calls
  • System status with real-time status line icons
  • Easy to use wizard-based menu system with soft keys
  • Built-in speaker phone for hands-free VOX-based communication
  • Optional push-to-talk functionality
  • Independent volume control for handset, speaker and ring
  • Powered by CAT5(e) or CAT6 up to 1000ft. from CH1000(LT) and up to 4000ft. with local power supply

Analog Clock


Keeping your facility running effortlessly, on-time and in-sync.

CareHawk® Master Clocks easily interface to paging and intercom systems such as the CareHawk® CH1000(LT) and legacy Dukane StarCall and MCS350 communication systems.

They also conform to the open communications standard adopted by the ZigBee Alliance of manufacturers, giving them compatibility with a wide range of wireless automation platforms available today and in the future.

Choose a wired system for new installations, a wireless system for retrofit installations or a combination of both for complete flexibility. A wide selection of analog and digital clocks are available with a range of mounting and installation options.

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You're in contorl with a PC based admin phone with graphical interface.

CareHawk Assistant™ is a graphic based admin phone interface for the CH1000 Saftey Communications Platform. Assitant™ runs on any Windows® based PC and is associated with a telephone connected to the CH1000. This associated telephone can be as simple as a single line set or a extension off of a local PBX/IPBX.

Initiate functions with a click of the mouse and pick up the phone to speak. Call-ins are graphically annunciated along with the caller ID information. Routine functions can be saved as a favorite onto the main screen to simplify access for individual users.

Zones on the fly can be created using Assitant™. Users can create a page zone on the fly and save it as a favorite thus extending the available 64 zones to unlimited zones. No need to remember room numbers. Using the graphical room icons allows for users to find locations with complicated hard to remember room numbers easily.

Web Calendar

WebCalendar™ / Calendar™

Easily keep your school running smoothly with organized schedules.

WebCalendar™ is a browser based version of the PC based Calendar™ scheduling tool used with the CH1000 Platform. WebCalendar™ provides everything you need to schedule tones, programs, video surveillance, and other output events through the CH1000.

All of the required steps to schedule a timed event on a CH1000 are presented in an easy to understand wizard format. WebCalendar™ uses a standard day-month-year calendar. Events can be scheduled years in advance and are displayed in a graphical calendar view which makes keeping track of things easier.

Let our experts help tailor a solution that fits your needs.