Email Alert Messenger

Email Alert Messenger

Stay informed, every day and in times of crisis.

In an emergency situation, effective communication can save the lives of students and staff. Email Alert Messenger™ automatically informs staff, administration and emergency responders of a crisis via email on their phone, tablet or computer.

Emergencies can create panic, even in the best trained staff. Customize email messages to provide clear instructions and remind staff of important emergency protocols. With over 99 unique alerts, messages can be tailored to suit virtually any situation, including emergency and everyday communications.

Rely on Email Alerts Messenger™ to deliver the right message to the right people, at the right time, for effective response to everyday and crisis situations.

  • Immediately inform staff and administration of emergency events
  • Send email alerts to phones, tablets and computers
  • Customize alert messages and recipients
  • Simple browser-based setup

Analog Clock

Intuitive configuration software

  • EAM setup is browser-based and platform independent so it can be accessed anywhere on the network
  • The intuitive wizard-style interface takes you through the setup process step-by-step
  • The integrated manual and tooltips provide additional help when you need it
  • Instantly preview an email or send test emails to ensure messages are delivered as expected
  • Comprehensive activity and error logs simplify troubleshooting

Email Alert Messenger works with the following...


  • Send email messages based on tone alerts from the CH1000(LT)
  • Configure up to 99 unique tones and corresponding email messages


  • Send email messages based on Audio Alerts from a District Server setup
  • Configure virtually unlimited Audio Alerts and corresponding email messages

District Telephony Module

  • Configure the EAM to supervise a District Telephony Module (DTM) and send connection alert emails in addition to status alert emails for configured peripherals

Let our experts help tailor a solution that fits your needs.