District Wide Communication

Email Alert Messenger


The CareHawk® District Wide Communication solution provides facility staff a means of broadcasting live pages, like emergency pages, or any of the 10,000 pre-recorded announcements/emergency announcements across a group of facilities. Broadcast across a school district or any group of facilities over the groups network.

A simple click of the mouse now allows school administrators the ability to send lockdown alerts or tornado warnings to a single school, a group of schools, or to the entire district at once.

Hospitals can broadcast over their entire campus or across a group of facilities around the city. Activities can be tracked later with the built in logging functions that includes a recording of the announcement sent.

Do you have a legacy paging or intercom system?

The CareHawk® Symbiont™ module is used with the CareHawk® District Wide Server to connect legacy paging/intercom systems by converting IP audio signals into analog audio signals.

This provides a school district with mass notification capability without the need to replace existing infrastructure.

Each Symbiont™ module is supervised by the CareHawk® District Wide Server to ensure performance.

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