Emergency Message Displays

real-time emergency responsiveness

For improved student and staff safety.

A network of CareHawk® CLKMSL22 emergency message displays provides superior lockdown and everyday communications for improved student and staff safety and correspondence for single or multiple facilities across an entire district.

The display delivers modern digital signage with full color HD graphics for enhanced readability. Display graphics as well as text for more effective communication when it matters most.

Messaging Display

Features and Benefits

The large 22” LCD display with full color graphics and text ensures message legibility from greater viewing distances for more effective communication.

Visually display emergency messages in tandem with audio alerts for improved communication and student and staff safety.

Choose from common pre-installed alerts (i.e. lockdown, hold and secure, weather alerts and more) or create custom alerts and notifications.

Network displays via ethernet cable (e.g. CAT5) or take advantage of WiFi connectivity, which reduces cabling costs significantly.

Broadcast notifications district wide to multiple facilities through a network of displays for real-time emergency responsiveness.

Silent paging provides visual communication when audio communication is unavailable or cannot be heard.

User-friendly, browser-based software, allows display control from anywhere on the network using a PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Configure the clock in 12 or 24-hour mode and in digital or analog format.

Display's mount using the universal VESA standard.


22" Clock Display (CLKMSL22)

  • Full HD 1920 x 1080
  • Full color graphic display
  • Wired or wireless (2.4 GHz wifi) signal delivery
  • No limit to the number of displays in a network
  • Day / Night control
  • Standard VESA mount (single or dual mount)

The CLKMSL22 display delivers modern digital signage with full color HD graphics for enhanced intelligibility. Display graphics as well as text for more effective communication. Text messages can be static, scrolling, flashing or a combination. Messages of any length can be used, improving upon the limitations of LED scrolling signs.

When used in conjunction with the CareHawk® District Wide Server, audio and visual alerts can be simultaneously broadcast districtwide over a network of displays and speakers for real-time emergency notifications.

Day/night control puts the displays to sleep during off-hours to save on energy costs. If an emergency message is sent during sleep mode the displays instantly wake up and display the message.

The CLKMSL22 is designed to be surface mounted with a standard 2.95” (75mm) Vesa LCD mount, or flush mount with an IW-B40 recessed 2.95” (75mm) Vesa back box/mount combination, or in a dual mount format.


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