CareHawk Platform

Healthcare Facilities

The CH1000(LT)’s advance audio processing ensures the highest quality in voice intelligibility. Operating theater, MRI rooms, CT rooms, or anywhere where critical communications is needed. Using pre-recorded music, tones or messages allows for convince and automation of routine events. Have a lullaby play every time a baby is born. Send audio reminders to zoned speakers to remind staff to turn bed ridden patients over. Avoid disturbing patients at night with voice pages by using the 64 zones of paging to channel your message to the right location.

Utilize the built in calendar to automate routine announcements like visiting hours. Need your systems to work your way? Just call. The CH1000(LT)  family of systems can be customized through our application engineering group.



Ensure emergency communications get to everyone. Automate tornado warnings, codes, security alerts, and mass casualty warnings. CareHawk’s systems allow for automated local security alerts, district wide alerts, security detection, video and audio surveillance, and integration with other low voltage systems such as fire, security, and access control. Pre-record emergency instructions in a calm, clear, and concise voice. Trigger these messages from security sensors, telephone codes, cell phones, or from a button push. Across a building or across a campus of buildings ensure your message gets through.


Synchronize your facilities’ clocks with no need for an expensive external master clock. Synchronize CareHawk digital clocks, analog clocks, wired clocks, or wireless c locks. You have a legacy clocks system? No problem the CH1000(LT) can synchronize most brands of clocks.