CareHawk Platform

Correctional Facilities

Prison communication systems can be as simple as basic point to point intercom system to a hierarchy multi-POD paging, intercom, and scream monitoring system integrated with camera and door controls. The CH1000CR line of systems meets both these needs and more. The CH1000CR is a scalable system from 16 ports to thousands of ports. Modularity is the power behind it all. Add the features you need when you need them. Want to expand an existing system or add a new feature? No problem all CareHawk systems are field upgradable. Need your systems to work your way? Just call. The CH1000CR(LT)  family of systems can be customized through our application engineering group.

Available scream sensors can detect a guard or a prisoner scream. A notification both visual and audibly will be heard at the control station focusing the attention of the guards. Automaticity connect an audio path to the location and/or activate a local camera to see and hear what is going on. Scream sensors double as line and speaker supervisors. Get trouble indicators when speakers are damaged or wires are cut or shorted.

Listen in on cells with no indication to the inmate. Robust vandal resistant speakers and call buttons survive the abusive environment. Broadcast routine messages via pre-recorded audio files and schedule them via a calendar. This can simplify routine events like meal notification and also broadcast instructions during emergency events.



AssistantCR provides a graphical means of control and monitoring of the CH1000CR systems. See visually call in devices based on location and type. Elevators, non secured door access, cells, scream sensors, suicide watch cells, status can all be viewed at a glance. Touch screen interfaces make operation simple and intuitive for users.

Add hierarchy to the communication system. Central command centers can take control of local POD systems in the event of riots or if staff are not available. Central command centers can manage groups of POD simultaneously. Local POD systems can be offline and still leave the Central Command in control giving a facility some redundancy.